New - Case Study

Garden designed by Dawn Isaac

Logistically the challenge was immense for this project with 40m2 of reclaimed Yorkstone (Affectionately known as 'Ball breakers' in the industry because of the sheer weight and size of each stone). Had to be taken through a north London Georgian house with steps up to the front door, steps in the middle of the house and steps in to the garden. It took 6 men with specialist lifting equipment nearly 2 days to get the stone through the house.

Working with Yorkstone is hard heavy work but the effort was well worth it.

Extension built by Hills Builders

Precision was key

When this was completed Hills Gardens were asked to lay a new porcelain tiled patio on a solid concrete base. The objective was to continue with the same tiles as in the kitchen so that the effect was one seamless tiled area inside and out. Precision was key to this project.